Rebuilding Lives for Christ

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It was revealed to us by the Holy Spirit that the walls and foundation (i.e the standard of the Word of God) of the Church (the body of Christ) have cracked because of compromise and perversion. Thus we received a mandate: “You have to rebuild this Temple”.


1. To rebuild souls of men by liberating them from Satan’s captivity and deception through teaching, preaching, and practical holiness and righteousness in our personal lifestyle.
2. To preach to the unreached and unsaved, and prepare them for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
3. To demonstrate the full Pentecostal power of God through prayers to healing the sick, the afflicted: drive out demons in the name of Jesus and total liberation from cultism and powers of darkness and their agents.
4. To demonstrate Christ love in caring for the aged, spiritually and physically dislocated, and the needy in our community.
5. To disciple believer’s.

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